Sunday, May 13, 2007

things i can't get enough of

(written while waiting, waiting, waiting for some peoples.)

The Killers. I caved and bought "Sam's Town" a couple of weeks ago after pretty much wearing out "Hot Fuss" in the last couple of years.

Jamba Juice lemonade, blended with lots and lots and lots and lots of ice. (And that's how I order it, too!)

The Decemberists. And I missed my chance to see 'em in SF!

Daniel Craig, on BluRay. 'Nuff said.

My new ceiling fan, a mere three years after I moved in
(photo to come soon).

My new bench and fluffy pad, courtesy of J and C Builders (photo to come soon).

Catching rays on the above-mentioned bench. (note to self: apply more sunscreen, that my legs are peeling the way they are is DISGUST-ing!)

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  1. I totally feel you on the ceiling fan. I got one in my house 7 months before moving out at home about 19 months ago and it was so wonderful. Thank God the apartment had one, and my new house will have one too. I never knew what I was missing out on. It's cute to see you post from the blackberry.

  2. I friggin love the Killers. I would marry the lead singer if I could. Sam´s Town is such a fun cd.