Tuesday, May 09, 2006

along the way

Words are failing me right now, but as I always say, pix tell the story better than my words ever could. The lowdown: T and I did a road trip from Dallas to Austin, then from Austin to San Antonio and back over four days.

Lots of miles driven, lots of Sonic slushes consumed (although not enough, in my opinion, it's never enough), lots of stops along the way, lots of laughs. Lots of good memories to carry with me for years to come.

One of the highlights of the trip, because I am a 5 year-old trapped in a (nearly) 27 year-old's body, was our stop at Schlitterbahn water park. Best.time.ever. And it was located in the most adorable little town. If it were a person, I'd pinch its cheeks and pat it on the head.

I also wish that we had more time to spend in San Antonio -- the weather, after enduring two of the most breathtaking thunderstorms I've ever seen -- was warm and made me want to stay out enjoying the crowds.

The following are a mere glimpse of the pix I took, it'd take me too long to upload them all. That, and everyone would be bored to tears after looking at so many.

At any rate, click to see the images larger, as always.

San Antonio:




Looks like Lex Luthor might take up residence here.
Gruesome, but this is the spot where President Kennedy was fatally shot.
The "grassy knoll."

The former Texas School Book Depository
Lake Carolyn, Irving, Texas


  1. Looks and Sounds like you had a blast! Good For You!!! :)

  2. Aww.... Schlitterbahn, thunderstorms... you're making me homesick! lol

    I think every summer from the time I was 12 till I was at least 16 or more, I went to Schlitterbahn at least 3 times. It was always SO much fun to go there! After a while I got a bit bored of it, but you know there's only so many times you can ride the same rides over and over again (um, like, 500).

    One of the nights when I was in Austin a couple weeks ago I got to watch heat lighting dance accross the sky all night long. It was so cool. I miss t-storms.

    Glad you had fun. =)

  3. BELTON... Did you know I was voted Miss Belton and beat out the other 4 girls that lived there... Pa was soooo proud!