Thursday, May 11, 2006

it's all about me

continuing The List:

76. I have a fascination with etymologies.
15. I'm a jeans and flip-flops kinda girl.
873. One of my all-time favorite shows, "Knots Landing," premiered the year I was born.
900. I also enjoy "The Sopranos," "Six Feet Under" and pretty much any other pay-cable show that has been/is about to end.
649. One of my favorite stores is Cost Plus World Market. I could literally spend hours in there.
646. Ain't nothin' better than a pair of Pumas. Uh huh.
714. I wear my sunglasses at night. No, not really, but I'm never without a pair.
52. I purchased my own home at the age of 24 without any financial assistance from anyone.
55. I prefer Pepsi to Coke.
752. I tend to have crushes on older (and I mean older ) men.


  1. Your profile is hilarious! All that's missing is signing a waiver to read your blog!

  2. Make sure nobody scuffs your Pumas! =)