Monday, May 15, 2006

future looks bright

More list-y -ness:

213. My first car, a hand-me-down from my parents, was a Jeep Cherokee.
401. My second car, bought new, was VW Jetta. I still drive it.
40. I go to the grocery store once every three weeks. But it's usually more like every five weeks.
424. Currently in my fridge: champagne, vegetarian chili, TaB energy, diet 7Up, and various condiemnts. And that's it.
450. One of my pet peeves is people that don't signal when they change lanes.
711. Another, obviously less serious, peeve is people that don't leave eBay feedback.
710. I still baby-sit. (hey, it's easy money!)
890. I celebrated my 21st birthday in Vegas. Like, the acutal day. Woohoo!
864. I also celebrated my 22nd birthday in Vegas.
800. I celebrated my 25th birthday at a waterpark. (I'm really a 5 year-old trapped in an adult's body)


  1. I still drive my second car. Did you go to Raging Waters or to Manteca for the waterslides? I still them, but have found surfing, which is like a water slide, somewhat.

  2. I have only had one car (the Metro) and sadly my parents sold it when I moved to Mexico. I dont think I'll have a car for a couple of years (definitely not while I'm in NY.)
    Remember when you asked me to post pictures for 'Teatro de Fuente" well, they are up now - in the original entry. Enjoy!

  3. the water park sounds like fun
    I would love to have the list your generating all these questions from-sorry I've been out of it for a while-fiance moving in and graduating and such-im back in swing of things now-talk to you later

  4. @ Chris: It's not a list -- I'm coming up with them at random.

  5. I wanted a Jetta the last time around...instead I ended up with a Honda. Coming from Germany, it only seemed right to have a VW but oh well...:)