Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Sunday Lisa and I saw one of my favorite authors in person, David Sedaris .

There isn't much I can say to describe the reading, especially if one is not familiar with Sedaris' work. Suffice to say, I laughed and laughed at his unreleased stories, and am hoping he'll release something new, pronto. His story (link to the "New Yorker" story that was released the next day) about a human skeleton he bought as a gift for his boyfriend was hysterical -- he talks about how the skeleton taunts him with a constant reminder that death is eminent by chanting, "You Are Going to Die" as it hangs from (get this) their bedroom ceiling. Stange? You betcha. Funny as hell? Oh yeah.

Lis and I were about fourth in line for the signing after the reading, and Sedaris had a bag of taffy on the signing table and was offering it to his fans. I offered up a meager crack about taking candy from strangers, really only funny if you know that his sister, Amy, was on the tv show "Strangers With Candy."

And even then it wasn't all that funny.

Up next: reading/signing with Augusten Burroughs in SF next week.

A personalized copy, just for me! (It has my name right above the title)

They said no pix, thus the semi-stealth crappy shots at the post-reading book signing.