Thursday, May 18, 2006

stop that samba

Second-to-last B-List:

217. I'm most comfortable in a collared shirt
806. I got my first cell phone as a 16th birthday present, way back in 1995
804. I still use the same email address I created in 1995
805. I like to think I'm ahead of the curve sometimes
93. I'm fanatical about organization and clutter control.
12. I only have two items on my computer desktop: recycle bin and a shortcut to an external hard drive
270. My favorite non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drink is limeade.
267. Two years ago I did a self-imposed detox: no refined sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no drugs (of the legal and illegal varieties). I did better at it than I thought I would.
214. I always have at least one camera on me when I leave the house
215. I usually have two cameras when I leave the house: one digital, one film

(Lomo LC-A film camera, cross processed film)


  1. Love this lists Bee. Long live organization.

  2. You definitely are ahead of the curve... you're the best bee!