Tuesday, May 16, 2006

star effer

[The B-List] Celebrity edition!

Kinda like "Celebrity Jeopardy!" but without Alex Trebek and all the annoying dumbass celebs.

201. I have a big crush on Pierce Brosnan. Apparently so much so that my friend Matt hunted down an autographed head shot of him in an antique store, just for me.
202. Brandi Chastain ate at one of my restaurants while I was there.
904. Julia and I saw Kirstie Alley and an unidentified male companion dining at a sushi joint in Hollywood. When she was skinny, before she was fat-then-skinny.
878. Chris Issak asked me for directions in a surf shop on Maui.
712. Woody Harrelson gave me the peace sign at LAX.
689. I am two degrees of separation from Margaret Thatcher.
41. I took a class in college taught by a former White House Chief of Staff.
36. As a kid, I was playmates with Debbi Fields' kid.
34. I sat next to Huey Lewis on a plane.
514. I watched Gerry Lopez shape a board.

(I told you it was the "b-list," referring to b-list celebrities!)


  1. "But that's not all Alex!"... remember that one, hehe. I didn't know you ran in such a celebrity circle!

  2. You saw Gerry Lopez shape a board? Lucky! That man is such a legend! And a goofy footed surfer like myself!

  3. I'm only 3 degrees from Matthew Perry, the non-secret love of my life. Sigh...

  4. Huey Lewis...my first concert at 4 years old. I had to sit on my dad's shoulders to see everything...he was then my crush for several years ;)

  5. I saw Kirstie Alley once. I was having my hair did at this frou-frou place in Beverly Hills, and she walked by while I was at the sinks getting my fro conditioned, eyed me from head to toe and gave me what I perceived as a dirty look. A few minutes later, I'm in the chair with my super-gay stylist orbiting my noggin when an equally super-gay guy with a cell phone glued to his ear comes running over to me from the Kirstie Camp. "Excuse me, but I have a request to find out what color is on your toes." I'm like "ex-QUEEZE ME???" I tried to remember the name of the color (it was this almost-white pale pink) but I had picked it from a line-up at the VHOT (Vietnamese House of Torture) and really couldn't remember. Assistant Boy was very patient while I tried to remember the color. I could feel Kirstie shooting darts into my head with her ice-blue eyes. But I really couldn't remember, and the boy went skipping off to deliver the bad news.

    So it turns out what I had perceived as a dirty look was really nothing more than Pedi-Envy Syndrome. Happens to all of us.