Wednesday, May 10, 2006

sweet spot

My father called me today, early afternoon, wanting to know if I wanted Giants tickets for this evening. Giants fan that I am, I rarely pass up an opportunity like this one, but I already had plans to see Augusten Burroughs in the City and thus declined. Dad said, "But it's a suite!"

Count me in, Pops. Plus, there's the potential that Barry might do his thang this evening. So Dad says, "Who will you take with you?" with a hint of something in his voice. I hesitated before asking if he wanted to join me.

You would have thought I asked him if he wanted another Rolex, he was so excited. If he wanted to go that badly, why did he even offer the tix to begin with? Perhaps, as Jewels pointed out, he was delighted that I wanted to go with him.