Thursday, November 10, 2005


('ad' post, be warned.)

i've never before watched anything religiously on fox.

not 'the simpsons,' not 'family guy,' not 'america idol.' nothing. i can count the number of times i've actually tuned into fox without removing my shoes to count--it's that few. why? they air dumb shows, period. the majority of programs they air are geared towards the idiots of america, which are increasingly becoming the average american, as far as i am concerned.

and it's about to get even fewer and far between.

fox is pulling the plug on the best show ever.

yes, it's only a tv show. but it's a SMART tv show.

now i remember why i looked upon fox with such disdain.

they're bloody morons.


  1. I am truly bereaved. I think I might cry. This is so sad. Are you sure? How did you find out? So sad.

  2. Both the simpsons and family guy I'd say are very smart shows under the guise of infantile comedy.

  3. Simpsons and Family Guy mix the idiotic with the subtle (sometimes more sucessfully than others). I'm bummed about Arrested Development, because a show with such a proven track record and promise shouldn't be hung out to dry due to piss poor placement and advertising.

    The show should move to FX. The faithful all will either buy the DVDs or TiVo the episodes if they can't follow along live anyways.

  4. The reason it's being cancelled is because it's an intelligent, well written, well acted show. It appeals to those who are slightly above the grade and unfortunately, that does not sell. Just wait. It'll be replaced by Incest Island or Dogs Humping (Titles courtesy of Family Guy)

  5. It is pretty much guaranteed that my favorite shows get cancelled. I will just add Arrested Development to the list.

  6. I have never watched the show, but will now try first chance I get. Anyways, saw this and thought of you...and had to hunt down this post of yours to comment on. In case you don't know about this yet:

    They have some kind of Save A.D. thing going on.