Tuesday, November 29, 2005

premature joculator*

I couldn't resist posting this from Sunday's Giants/Seahawks game.

You can actually see his, "What the hell?!" face. So close, yet so far away, guy.

*title blatantly stolen from Deadspin (click for complete story)


  1. That's why you never celebrate until the final whistle blows!

  2. Man, I never watch football, wouldn't for the life of me know that this game took place...but wow, am I loving that gif. image! Awesome, everyone loves it when a cocky person gets their just desserts.

  3. It's kind of funny, when he first came into the league he was a brash @$$hole. This season, he had been relatively quiet, basically just doing his job. Now this...

  4. I keep coming back to your site just to see this stupid player over and over-thanks for the laughs