Friday, November 04, 2005


I typically spend a lot of time here

(in the car, duh) but today I feel like I did so more than usual. Probably because I blazed up the peninsula to go to my company's corporate office and ended up sitting in traffic for what seemed like forever. And if you know me, you know how much I dislike driving in general, and when you factor in traffic, it's a pretty good sign that I'll be in a bad mood. But! I wasn't. There was something about the weather that made me keep smiling and not really worry that I was feeling frustrated.

I am looking forward to this weekend--I'm going to the 49er game on Sunday! Here's hoping for another win. Two in a row seems awfully optimistic, though.

And! Another something good to look forward to! It's an HOUR'S WORTH of NEW episodes! It's about time, damn baseball!


  1. 2 wins = nothing, the 49ers are going to continue their win streak for the rest of the season!

    And as for the "AD" (f' the OC, I say) its such a good time for comedy. Family love Michael...

  2. Whew, I'm glad I was able to find the place...

    So much progress, why the move and change?

    PS - "target" not allowed in comments, sorry.