Monday, November 28, 2005

turkey time

Things are never easy with my family.

But I think by definition, families, and family gatherings, aren't supposed to be easy.

But this isn't an entry for griping.

This is the second year in a row that I've hosted Thanksgiving at my house, and I'm secretly hoping it becomes a tradition. Why? My cooking leaves something to be desired, but my dad is an awesome cook. Really. And when I say "Thanksgiving is at my house," I mean I provide dessert and appetizers, and he brings everything else. He brings the turkey, we throw it in the oven, and proceed to prepare the sides. He does most of the work while the rest of us munch on appetizers that I've prepared or that the family brought over. Then we all plop on the couch and watch football (didja know that the Cowboys and the Lions play every year on Turkey Day?). Typical, as far as how most families celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm sure.

This year I made a pumpkin spice pie. And no, it wasn't Sara Lee. It was chock full of ginger and allspice, cinnamon and egg whites, and 100% delicious. (I'd be lying if I said I made the crust.)

Doesn't it look yummy?

I also made some appetizers, and I'll make a note that one of them was...interesting. Some Southern cookbook recommended it, and it was awful. Just pure crap. But the garlic shrimp (courtesy of good ol' work) came out to.die.for, and sister's bf's contributions of fruit and veggie plates satisfied me.

Thanks to the tryptophan, I crashed on the couch embarassing early and woke up all fat and happy.

It was a pretty damn good holiday.


  1. I should really get around to honing my Thanksgiving skills in the offseason. Stuffing, pies and stuff like that.

    You seem to do allright.

  2. Next year can I suggest the cornballer? Mother of God! Every damn time! Oh...this is a big one.

  3. You should talk to my older sis about "difficult family gatherings"... ; ) I think she's boycotting christmas this year.

    Coming from Texas, yes I know the Cowboys play on Turkey Day. The University of Texas and Texas A&M also play on the day after t-day every year (I believe they used to have both games on thanksgiving but moved the college one for some reason or another). BIG football weekend.

    I'm curious as to what was the crap-tacular southern delicasy you tried... =P

  4. Man, seriously, who wants to make pie crust, when you can buy 2 for $1? And then you can give pie away all magnanimously, and not plead to get your pie pan back. Sometimes disposible is good.

  5. See... if if were me "cooking"... I would have everything pre-ordered and once I picked up the order and brought it home... I would tease out my hair... plop flour on my face, grease and smudge on my apron... put all the food into beautiful serving pieces... and smile and say "Thank you, I did work really hard." I can't boil water!!! (although i do okay with the microwave... quick mac & cheese rocks!) The pie looks yummy!

  6. Man....I have to come back here daily to look at that pie....just a few more days and I will be back in the states and can bake one myself....yay!