Sunday, November 06, 2005

black and white

This whole not sleeping thing has really got to go. This is the second day in a row, on a weekend no less, that I've woken up at 6:30. While I've never been a late sleeper, it is kind of ridiculous given that I went to bed late and woke up several times during the night. At the risk of sounding incredibly immature, it completely blows.

I think I'm ready for some changes. This from a person who is typically adverse to change! So far "change" has only manifested itself in me mixing it up at the pedicure joint and getting a different color than I usually do. But! There are other things on the horizon. Yesterday morning I rearranged a bunch of stuff around the house. I keep saying all this is an effort to make the place "mine," but really I find it sad that after a year and a half I still don't feel like it's mine. There are lots of things I want to do here, but two-thirds of the "time, money, energy" factor are missing.

Am finished with the first season of "Six Feet Under." Rereading that, I make it sound like it's such an accomplishment, but it really just amounts to many hours sitting on my ass in front of the tv.

I went to the Bridge School Benefit last Sunday, and it was a blast! We saw Jerry Lee Lewis, Norah Jones, Los Lobos, Emmylou Harris, Good Charlotte, Bright Eyes and...Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. I purposely left Neil Young and CSNY out of that list, cause we split before they came on. They're not exactly my cuppa tea. I skipped last year but generally have been to at least one of the two shows every year since 1997, and it was good to see Dave's return. The fact that he performed with Tim left me absolutely speechless, as Angie and I have been dying to see them together (the whole 'Dave and Friends' tour didn't count cause Trey Anastasio et al were there). Why not tour the West Coast, Dave and Tim?!

On the debit card fraud front, my bank has temporarily credited me what the bastards stole. I know it's a matter of protocol, but it should be open and shut--I was at the bank in person merely hours after the thefts took place--how can I be in Eastern Europe and then California that fast? I received my new debit card Friday, and now comes the task of notifying the institutions (Netflix, 24 Hr Fitness) that keep it on file for automatic debits.

I love vanity plates that make me laugh:

I've seen this SUV around the way several times and it never fails to make me smile. I also tease my sister that someone took the plate intended for her.

(For the record, this is a second, yet lesser, version of this entry--the first one was gobbled up by Blogger demons.)


  1. Screw those blogger demons. What did you think about Six Feet Under? Are there any special features on the DVD? I am gonna buy Arrested Development on Amazon and have my sister bring it to me when she visits for Thanksgiving. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  2. First things first - Vanessa, you can't order AD soon enough. Seriously, is it ordered yet!?!?

    And B, obvioulsy the bank is convinced that your trip to Eastern Europe was only a ruse to disguise your creation of a teleportation device. How else could you have the means to travel so quickly? And the funds, clearly they were spent on the supplies.

    J/K, glad to hear things are getting resolved.

    PS - Go 49ers!

  3. I just wanted to assure you all that Arrested Development has been ordered. Both Seasons (Even though I saw the first season already - got it from Netflix.) I am teary-eyed right now thinking about the hour-long episode on tonight that I am gonna miss. Can't wait for DVD of Season 3.