Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i got da scoops

I haven't been an avid follower of celebrities for quite some time.

There have been, however, some photos that I just couldn't help but throw my two cents in.

WTF is up with her left arm?!

Maybe he needs to lay off the snacks and share some with Jen. Or cut back on the salt. You're starting to look bloated, buddy!

THIS JUST IN: Kate Moss is back on the Coke!


  1. Yeah...funny how guys get away with being chub chubs, but girls get reemed for that. I think Vince looks kinda cute...I am such a sucker for "real men"...they are less intimidating than the guys who have shaved all their body hair to show their muscle fibers better. Man...I am just remembering that scene in Wedding Crashers, where he was asking Owen Wilson if he did "the motorboat" with the mom's movie was awesome.

    I was surfing around some of those anorexia sites the other day, you know the one where they glorify anorexia? Well, their role model was Nicole Ritchie, and they posted all this pics, with comments like: oh, look at her shoulder blades...and oh, her arms...and you can ever see her spine front of back" And I was thinking...dudes, you are idolizing Skelator. Weird.

  2. Bianca, lay off of Vince. He just quit smoking that's why he gained weight. I saw him on Conan (or was it Letterman) a few months back and he mentioned it. Signed, A former celebrity news junkie

  3. I still don't understand Jennifer and Vince. It's almost stranger than Tom and Katie.

    You know, a couple weeks after the whole Kate-Moss-gets-busted-for-doing-coke thing I was walking around in the mall and saw this big poster for a new perfume called "Opium" and KATE MOSS was the model in the ad. I didn't think that was very smart, PR-wise...

  4. Vince is awesome. He should definitely share some of his ice cream with Jennifer - she's getting way too skinny.

    I think most guys would agree that Jen looked better in her first years on friends, before she lost her appetite. The hair, however has improved...

  5. agree with Tim, he could share the icecream with her, but they both look great. Whether she is dieting or not at least she isn't a coke addict like Mrs Moss. Her arm does look really strange there though.