Tuesday, November 22, 2005

meanwhile, back at the bluth's model home...

As promised, pix of the bedroom home improvements.

(Nightstands, lamps, and wall color are new, for the folks not on board.)

A better pic of the nightstands:

Next up, improvement wise: new hallway light fixtures that a) aren't dated, and b) brighten up the place!


  1. Nice digs... I like the wall color... My hubby and I have remodeled our entire house (use to be my grandparents home... sooo out dated!)... so I know what you are going through... it's a chore but feels so good when you see the finished product.

  2. Bee,
    Love the photography and the paint color. Whoever helped you paint that room must have been a real pro!! It certainly looks great!

    Oh yeah, and on the Paris pic - I guess she thinks her right side is her "good" side... but I guess that would be a stretch.


  3. When are you going to add an attic? I need something to seek!